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October 16th, 2021
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Ann Voskamp

Ann Voskamp is a Canadian author, blogger and memoirist on themes of Christian women's spirituality, and the author of 4 NYTimes best sellers, including One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. Ann is an eloquent speaker and writer who describes herself as an advocate for compassion with eyes that are set on living for an audience of One. Ann is a wife and a mother to seven.
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Tessa Armstrong

Tessa is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice specializing in depression, anxiety, self esteem, and body image issues. Tessa has a passion for leading women to the truth of who Jesus is and who He created us to be - set free, in and through Him, Tessa finds great pride and joy being a wife and mother to her four little warriors for Jesus. 
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Valerie Martnick

Valerie is a wellness counselor who has been in the medical profession for twenty-two years. She has a passion for restoring the health and well-being of the whole person, and educating us through God's word that He not only wants to bring healing, but to show us how to walk in divine health. Valerie is a wife and mama to two beautiful adult girls.
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Stephany Rose

Stephany Rose has a story to tell. Using her      real, raw, and transparent communication style, Stephany has shared with thousands how her most difficult circumstances, life changing events, and greatest fears have become the gateway to God's miracles. She is a career educator, pastor's wife, and mother of three with a passion to walk us through the most important parts of living fearlessly.
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Megan Strong

This girl? She drinks a lot of coffee* (too much). She’s married with children (3 wild ones, to be exact). *See above note about caffeine intake. She talks for a living as a spokesperson and host. She believes that laughter is a salve for the soul, and uses her comedic take on everyday life to encourage and connect people to joy and hope. 
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Stacey Margy

Stacey has a ministry and a gift for coming alongside moms of prodigal children. Stacey has shared with countless women how to hold on to the promises of God, while we pray, as spiritual warriors, for our children and other loved ones who have left the faith to return. Stacey is a wife and mom to two beautiful adult boys.


Women's Faith Collective was created

to encourage women to recognize and

embrace the true power we have in Christ.


Our team of women seek to be authentic and share truth while growing closer to God and glorifying HIS name. We recognize that we need each other to further God's Kingdom and that we are stronger together with him in our midst than when we are alone. (Matthew 18:20)

This year's theme is FEARLESS. As we continue to navigate through this time of much uncertainty and into a new chapter, we know that what has remained certain is the true and living God. 

Bring some friends and join us, as we remind ourselves of and experience the truth that God has

not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  (Timothy 1:7)







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Breakout Sessions


Walking Through the
Ugly Beautiful

Join Stephany Rose, as she uses her personal experiences to walk you through exercises that helped her live through the ugly beautiful. She will focus on the importance of becoming vulnerable so that God can take hold of our fears and move us forward in faith and courage.


In this session, you will join Megan Strong, and experience a unique guided journaling exercise where you will rediscover the joy and hope that lives within you regardless of circumstance. Using pen and paper, you will connect to sustaining hope and joy. Prepare to smile!

Healing Is
for You!

Join Valerie Martnick, as she shares her knowledge and experience of how to pray for yourself and others to receive God's healing. She will look at specific scriptures and applications that we can use in practical settings to walk in the divine health and wholeness Jesus paid for.

Perfume and 

Join Kim Harrison, as she teaches us about the beauty and power of prayer and anointing oil. We will not only soak in scripture that will ignite our prayers, but we will also create our own bottle of annointing oil to use as we pray God's words over our life and the lives of others.

Spiritual Gifts
and Calling

Come join Luisa Morgan, as she teaches us about spiritual gifts and calling. Using scripture, Luisa will teach us how spiritual gifts and calling are different but uniquely connected. If you have ever thought about what your spiritual gifts are or what your calling is, this session is for you!

Having Courage to Share
Your Stroy

In this session, Stacey Margy will walk us through how to share our personal story with courage. We will identify the things that hold us back from sharing our story  with others and receive the tools and encouragement needed to break through fear and gain freedom in Christ.

Standing Fearless in
Today's Culture

Join Tessa Armstrong as she helps us navigate how to live in a society where culture is queen. Learn scriptures and  gain tools that teach us that no matter which direction culture is going, what is most important is to know God's word and truth  so that He, not culture, will define us.

The Power 
of Words

In this session, Danielle Bennett will be teaching about the power of words through a poetry/spoken word class. Taught from a faith perspective, this class will show us to creatively use our words to impact our lives, our world, and the people around us. 


October 16th 2021


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